Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Beautiful Song for a Shitty Day : Beck The Golden Age

Beck's song "The Golden Age" from his Album "Sea Change" is an extremely beautiful song to listen to when your just feelin down. Its a Very Simple Chord progression with a calming strumming pattern ( this is one of my favorites to play on guitar) with direct lyrics. There is something about the line " Gotta Drive All Night Just to Feel Like your Ok" Paired with the chorus " These Days I Barely Get By... I dont even try" that just hits the spot. Overall just an awesome song for a shitty day. Gettttt Listening!

Friday, June 11, 2010

: Nick Drake: The Real Im Not There

In light of the semi-recent Bob Dylan film Im Not There in which six individuals represent the spirit of Bob Dylan I want to bring up a story that should be told. Nick Drake's Pink Moon is an album everyone should listen to at least once before they die. It is a beautiful glimpse into a shattered mind of a man who felt he was "the parasite of this town". In reality he was a quiet , somewhat shy artist suffering from depression in a time when anti-depression medications were extremely strong and relatively untested. Eventually this depression lead to an early death of such a promising young man.
At the time he was writing Pink Moon, Nick Drake was so deep into depression he was hardly speaking to anyone. When he finished the album he simply left on a desk at the record company where it remained unseen for days. Legend has it, he recorded pink moon in just a couple of hours with only one trusted friend to engineer the sound. The legend also says that he recorded this mostly acoustic album (with only one overdub) while facing a wall, unable to look at his friend. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, because the product of this session is breathtaking. Nick Drake's Guitar Playing is simply exquisite. His timing is perfect while he explored the boundaries of many unique tunings. The lyrics are wonderfully sparse, mostly beautiful fragments of thought about life love and nature. Lyrics that are so unlike most I listen to and every song from this album will stay with me for the rest of my life.

In His Song Know he sings just these words

Know that I love you
Know I don't care
Know that I see you
Know I'm not there

Nick Drake, the real Im Not There. The album is very short, you will probably be able to finish it twice during your morning commute. Because of this i have listened straight through this album hundreds of times never skipping a track.

It is fucking shameful that recently AT&T used Nick's song "From the Morning" in their commercial. That song isnt about cellphones, its about life. If you ever in a bad mood , light up a joint or whatever and just put "from the morning"on repeat and i gurantee you'll feel a bit better.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bob Dylan and Neil Young's Harvest

It is undeniable that Neil Young's "Harvest" was influenced by Bob Dylan. Even Bob himself said that listening to "Heart of Gold" on the radio was like listening to himself and even expressed hatred for it. That being said, the real question is how much was Harvest influenced by Bob's work?

First things first, the first song on the album (Out on the Weekend) has a line borrowed directly from Bob's pen. In 1969 Bob released Nashville Skyline along with his hit song "Lay Lady Lay". In "Lay Lady Lay" he tells the lady to "Lay across my big brass bed". Neil, in his song, used the following line "She got pictures on the wall, they make me look up From her big brass bed" a clear reference to Dylan. Now that is the obvious part of the puzzle and proof that Neil was indeed to some degree listening and imitating Bob Dylan.

Recently I was jus listening to the Band and came up with a sort of theory of the Origin of the song "Heart of Gold", one of Neil's most Dylan-esq songs. In Dylan's Song "Tears of Rage" he uses the line "And now the heart is filled with gold As if it was a purse" (one of my favorite lines ever) which is strangly similar to Neil's "Heart of Gold". Is this a coincidence? I think not. Im not saying that Neil heard the Basement tapes during that time , but most likely had heard his fellow Canadians (The Band) play it on their album Music From Big Pink. However its just a theory and I am not taking anything away from Neil Young as he is one of my Favorite musicians of all time. Let me know what you think and point out any more Evidence of Bob Dylan's influence on the album Harvest